Welcome to the City of Tower, Minnesota!




Incorporated in 1889, Tower is the oldest city north of Duluth and the eastern gateway to beautiful Lake Vermilion.

Tower is located 24 miles north of Virginia.  Here, visitors and residents alike can experience some of the most captivating scenery in Northeastern Minnesota- the vivid color extravaganza accompanying each season, the natural beauty of Lake Vermilion, the breathtaking sunsets...along with the area's scenerey comes a great variety of reactional activities, making each season enjoyable.  From excellent fishing, exhilarating water-skiing, boating, hiking, biking, touring the Soudan State park to snowmobiling, ice-fishing and cross-country skiing...Tower and Lake Vermilion have it all.

As exciting as our four-season offerings are, we're also proud of a well-rounded business community to take care of your every need...from fishing tackle to excellent dining facilities.  Services are here for every vacationer...resorts, campgrounds, marinas - with accommodations ranging from deluxe plans to budget camping.

Tower City Hall 602 Main Street P.O. Box 576 Tower, MN 55790
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